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Description of the product Silane Guard

Silane Guard - the best tool to protect the bodywork of the car

The owners want for their machines always had a good condition outside, like the paint coating are недолговечными and quickly lose their attraction, once submitted to different damages, and negative environmental effects.

Today there are a large number of tools for polishing and other tools to protect the body, but not all of them are effective and available for purchase. To create a universal medium, which has protected the car from external defects, the specialists of the japanese company Willson has created a versatile product Silane Guardthat is a kind of liquid glass.

The composition and characteristics of application of liquid glass

Silane Guard it is considered unique tool that can be used only for its specific function – the coloring of the surface elements of the bodywork of the car. It is important to consider that after application and before drying, is necessary, so that the processed parts do not оседала the dust and is not influenced directly from the rays of the sun, otherwise, the composition can loose grounding the coating surface. It is also possible to do it only when positive ( + ) to a temperature of more than +5 degrees.

As to the composition, which in the production of this tool, the japanese company have used:

The price of this product is acceptable and accessible, therefore, buy the liquid glass can all vehicle owners.

Dignity Silane Guard

The Dignity Silane Guard

The application of modern technologies has allowed the japanese manufacturer to create a unique appeal for the protection of the bodywork of the car, which allows you to apply the Polish in several layers (the thickness of the layer of liquid glass can be greater than the thickness of the layer of wax). Thanks to this coating is very strong and durable.

Silane Guard refers to a single label means, therefore, the composition is very economic in the application – a bottle of 95 ml is sufficient for the treatment fully for two to three cars. This tool allows you to apply multiple layers of coverage, which provides reliable protection hood, doors, roofs and other parts of various defects. Silane Guard it is an easy to use product, that is easy to apply on any body elements and do the polishing.

In addition to the excellent protective properties, the product of the japanese manufacturer gives the appearance of a car incredible shine and luxury, taking about a year. The tools include silicon dioxide, that allows to obtain the silicon organic film excessive force. Thanks to this, the damage layer has sustainable with water-repellent effect.

Application Silane Guard especially important during the frequent washing of machinery, specialized means. When mechanical, proximity, or hand-washing the painting is exposed to chemicals or alkaline detergents, which is more intense it destroys the structure of a protective layer, which appear to be small scratches and cracks. To avoid problems, such as a time it is worth to take advantage of the liquid from a glass.

Silane Guard has these good qualities:

Before and after use Silane Guard

Before and after the use of Silane Guard 1 Before and after the use of Silane of the Guard 2 Before and after the use of Silane Guard 3 Before and after the use of Silane Guard 4

Where to purchase Silane Guard in Bulgaria

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As well as the cars are highly susceptible to negative environmental effects, each owner you want to protect your vehicle against minor scratches, cracking and chips to the surface of the body. Therefore, it is perfectly normal that Bulgaria is different increase of the demand of purchase Silane Guard. Although the product was launched on the world market is relatively recent, it has already managed to gain popularity among car enthusiasts.

It is worth to consider to purchase this product to protect the bodywork of the car from non-traditional commercial centers order it is only possible on the internet, and only from reliable vendors. Our shop directly partnership with the japanese company, therefore, we suggest that you buy an original liquid glass, that we give 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer. We apply properly thought-out pricing policy, which allows installation of the most optimized and affordable prices for all products. When you do this, you can order a glass of water so comfortable, quick and cheap delivery in all cities in Bulgaria.

To buy Silane Guard to protect the bodywork of the car, know the price of this tool with delivery in your town or get in contact with experts on important issues, you can get in touch with our team – we'll answer any question, talk about the liquid in the glass, and help you to issue the purchase order of the product.